Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 5: Settling in

I wanted this blog to document our journey from Utah to Canada. I wanted it to have photos and posts along the way, with experiences and memories and places we visited. Unfortunately the journey started badly, so I was not in a pleasant mood the entire (long, painful, exhausting, hellish) trip.
Definitely not in the mood to blog.

That is why we are starting on day 5.

Today is Deven's first day at North Park Collegiate Vocational School (Go Trojans!?)
They only have four classes at a time, so all he has to take is English and math and he chose Sculpting and World Religions as his electives.

He asked the guidance counselor if he was allowed to carry his Boy Scout pocket knife to school.

"Absolutely not. We have a no weapons policy. Canadians do not have the right to bear arms."
"It's not a weapon. It's a tool."
"You would set off a wave of panic and the school would be locked down."
"But can't anything be weaponized? Pencils?"
"We are a peaceful people. There will be no need for weapons."

I think he's off to a great start there.

The other kids seem to like their school, and are making friends. French class is going to be a challenge. They start French in Fourth Grade, so Beef is not as far behind as Emma and Christa.

With the kids meeting new people and having lovely cultural experiences, I am wondering what I should do to get the most of this experience. My laundry is done, carpet vacuumed, dishes washed.
Now what? Brush up on my French? Take up Curling?


  1. So so excited to get an update in more detail. Sorry the trip started out poorly, but you got there. Let the adventure begin!

    Curling is so fascinating to watch, mostly because of the yelling and the sliding of the guy who throws it. We laugh.

    I hope Deven settles in in his peaceful environment!

  2. Woo Hoo! Keep it up Tiff. I vote French classes. Such a romantic language! But I think you could pull of curling also. Maybe you could yell in French.

  3. Awesome blog idea! This way I get to enjoy your Canada adventures right along with you.

    The Olympics have left me totally hooked on curling. I don't know what I'm going to do when they're over. *sigh*

    And I'm siding with Deven. It's a tool.