Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 162: Haida

Here is HMCS Haida, docked permanently in Hamilton, Ontario.

This was a fun little field trip we took after battling the OHIP dragon. It's a lovely and free (donations gladly accepted) self-guided tour of this really cool WWII ship.

"She is the last remaining example of the 27 Tribal Class destroyers built for the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy between 1937 and 1945. 
It has been said that The Tribals were "magnificent in appearance, majestic in movement and menacing in disposition". Technologically, they represented the most advanced naval architecture, marine propulsion systems and weaponry of their time. 
Once, HAIDA was a mighty fighting ship, sinking more enemy surface tonnage than any other Canadian warship. 
Today, she is an irreplaceable historic artifact and her significance has been formally recognized by the Canadian Historic Sites and Monuments Board."
More on Haida here  and here

All hands on deck!
Communications Room

Mess Deck
Crew Bunks
Who put this guy in charge?
Of course!
Captain's Quarters
Don't you understand that Emma would rather be sitting quietly reading her book?
Why do we subject her to such trivial things?

One of Haida's enormous propellers

Finally a smile!

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  1. I LOVE WWII era stuff! Look at how tiny those bunks are. Your kids fill them up, and they were made for grown men?! I think I'll reserve the captain's quarters, thank you very much.

    Looks like a fun day!