Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 256: On Guard

I've been waiting to publish this post because I don't have pictures   *cough someone deleted them cough cough*   but I will go ahead with it and post pics later.

This year, Ethan is in a 5/6 grade combined class.  He was elected class representative for the Student Council.  He also applied for and earned a spot on the school's Safety Patrol. That meant writing an essay on why he would be a good Safety Patroller. 

The Safety Patrol guards the cross walks and corners to make sure kids get to and from school safely. Because Ethan is younger than the rest of the kids in his class he partners with the adult crossing guard. 

These things are not a surprise because he is the most outgoing of our children.  He has always been able to talk to anyone or get up and speak in front of people (except for the time he was the star of his class play but freaked out and almost couldn't go on,  but we don't speak of that)

What is surprising is that our Miss Emma was also elected class representative for 7th grade.  She too has a Safety Patrol post.  A couple Fridays ago she made sure to let Christa and Deven know that while they were staying home,  she had plans with friends for the next three Friday nights.  
This from a child whose own Grandmother didn't hear her speak a full sentence until she was about 10 years old :)

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