Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 354: Somewhere, forests weep

Beef has a new hobby. Some might call it an obsession.

Several weeks ago, he made this guy from a pattern printed off a website.
Oh! Hey, that's cute, Beef! It's that one little guy from that one video game!

Then came these guys:
Wow, that's really clever! Ease up on the printer ink though, OK?

Then this:
We insisted that he start using draft mode on the printer to use less ink. 
Thanks, buddy! That stuff's expensive!

Pikachu and Charzar ( I think) **Charmander. I've been corrected

 Lobster and puffer fish hats

Yes, that too is made of paper. Marine warship. Or something. (breaking the draft mode rule)

This is only a small representation of the collection.
There are many more paper creations lurking around the house.

Workspace. This is pretty tidy. Usually the floor looks like we had a ticker tape parade through the living room. He spends hours hunched over, meticulously cutting with a razor knife, folding and gluing.

Arts and crafts are good, right?

Full size (and wearable) Halo helmet and body armor. 
There is a pattern to make the full suit, but thankfully he abandoned that project.

Should I worry yet?

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