Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 348: Snow Day!

The weather people were all a twitter.

"The storm of the century!" "Snowpocalypse!" "Snowmageddon!"

Schools, airports, businesses, all of Ontario it seemed, closed their doors and hunkered down for this storm that could bring anywhere from 30 to 70 centimetres of snow. That sounds like a lot, eh? It's about one to two feet American.

People rushed around buying up emergency supplies, snow blowers and hot chocolate. 


It snowed.
Maybe a foot. If that.

To be fair, this storm was a big one and did hit some places in the States pretty hard. Just not us.
I was a tiny bit disappointed.

Buried under all that snow is Deven's junky lawn mower that he acquired for an art project (don't ask)

And how do you like this? There are six apartments in our building and someone shoveled all of the walks but ours! OK, so we have several able-bodied persons in our household capable of clearing our own walks, and perhaps that is what the phantom shoveler figured, but guess what? We don't actually own a snow shovel. I would totally shovel ALL the walks if I had a shovel.
I really would!

This is Deven and his cute friend Meagan enjoying the snow day. They were nice enough to let Beef and Emma tag along.

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  1. I wouldn't think Canada would panic over snow! A foot or two is kinda fun though.