Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 346: Freedom!

After eight long months of being a one car family, eight months of riding my bike to the gym, eight months of not being able to get up and go when I feel the need, we finally have added a (not so new) car to our family. It is the right car for us and it found its way to us at a very good time. As some of you may know, Nick has this skill - a sixth sense, if you will. He is awesome at finding and acquiring cheap-as-free cars. We have driven some doozies, and I must say that this one is a pretty good find.

The reviews are in:

Christa says "It's ghetto and it stinks"
Deven says "I can't see our family in anything else"
Emma says "At least it has all the seat belts. I counted. And it doesn't stink that bad."


The 1990 Chevy Astro Van!

Sweet rims.

That's right. Nothing but the best.
Hey, Denny B! Guess how much he paid for it?

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