Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 319: Integrated

Well, it happened. We held out as long as possible. One of the last pieces of our American identity, our Utah license plates, have expired.
(plate number altered to deter creepy stalkers)
We were supposed to get Ontario license plates within a certain time period (long since past) but we reasoned that our Utah plates were still valid, we have never been pulled over, and never had any trouble...except for the times we have crossed the border. That's fun. Crossing back into Canada and explaining to confused border guards that yes we are Americans, we just had to go to the airport in Buffalo...no we don't live there, we live in Ontario...our plates say Utah because we used to live there and on and on.

So now we are now just one of millions of anonymous Canadian motorists. No more will people pull up next to us and say "Utah? You're far from home, eh?" (That happened more than once.)
Or pass us on the freeway to get a peek at what people from Utah look like.

I think this is what they expect. Sorry to disappoint ;)


  1. Gee willikers, with photos like this, no wonder so many people out there think that Mormons are good at building barns. LOL

  2. That guy is one of my dear neigbors, Tom Green.
    He is a registered sex offender living in good old Springville.