Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 113: Have you seen me?

I never lock the doors when I park the ol' Burban. Usually I even leave the windows down.
I have always said there's nothing in it worth stealing, and if they want it that bad, they can have it. The radio (with broken cassette player!) only gets one fuzzy radio station, and the speakers are crap.
Nick and I went outside this morning to go to the Farmers Market, and where my truck usually sits, hulking and unwieldy among all the sensible Canadian cars, was my empty assigned parking space.

Actual conversation:

Me - Where's my truck?
Nick - Not there.
Me - Nope.
Nick - Where did you park it?
Me - Right there.
Nick - I'm confused as to why someone would take it.
Me - Me too.
Nick - Were the doors unlocked?
Me - Yes, but I think I remembered to roll the windows up.
Nick - I guess we should call the police.
Me  - I think this is probably the best thing that has ever happened.
Nick  - lol

So he called the city police and filed a report, then a very nice officer came out and chatted with us.
He basically said there's nothing they can do but "wait for it to turn up somewhere, eh?"

A few comments from facebook:
Auntie Julie: oh my gosh! seriously? Oh I hope they don't hurt it!
~There's really not a lot they can do to hurt it much more. 

Auntie Di: Ahhhhh! :( Not very bright thieves, eh? Should've checked the gas gauge before they left. Usually they don't go more than a few blocks anyway, just far enough to strip everything off that they can.
~We're hoping they realized what a pile it is and just decided to ditch it close-by. It's 20 years old. The tires are not even that great.

Nephew Cory: wait..... people steal stuff in Canada?
~According to the nice officer, no car is safe in this town, no matter how big of a pile it is. 

Joanna from Utah: Oh my word.... What are you going to do?? I only thought Utahns were into the suburbans with all our kids and stuff. Maybe your suburban is the only one in Canada and they wanted something unique to steal.

Becky: That is crazy! Of all the cars to steal, what are they going to do with your huge Suburban?
~True, Jo. We have not seen a lot of Suburbans here. Also we have a second car to get around in.
And you're right, Becky. We are baffled too. We figure the only reason they took it is because I made it incredibly easy for them.

Ms. Nancy: So sorry. It did get you from Point A to Point B didn't it? I bet you miss it.
~It did indeed get us all the way from Utah to Ontario. True that. But I don't miss it. Yet. 

And the truest comment of all from Lara, our sweet neighbor in Utah:
You have such a optimistic look on this! Good for you. 
It's like you didn't mind at all that the old beast is gone! (-:

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  1. Suburbans are always a hot item. I don't know, but it sounds like you had some kind of deal going with someone... you sound a little too relaxed about it. lol