Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 127: Lots going on in Ontario



G8 and G20 Summits!


My truck is still missing!

Christa graduated from 8th grade!

Grade Eight Grad. It's a big deal here. Big ceremony, Pomp and Circumstance, Valedictorians, speeches, everyone dressed to the nines in formal wear and dinner for the graduates followed by a dance.

In an earlier post there are photos of Christa and I shopping for dresses for the occasion. The dresses she was trying on were very practical and modest. She agreed that it would be better to buy a dress that she can wear on other occasions, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a dress she'll probably never wear again.

One of my Canadian friends expressed concern, and warned me that some people go way over the top - buying expensive dresses, getting professional hairstyles and  nails, etc. She didn't want Christa to be taken by surprise by this and maybe feel plain or under-dressed.

It was quite the opposite. She received lots of compliments on her hair and dress from the other girls. She looked beautiful, confident and definitely looked the most comfortable. Some of the girls looked very awkward in their revealing dresses.

The Class of 2010 and me singing  O Canada (very badly)
Christa enters at about minute 1:53 :)


  1. Christa looks beautiful. A very classy dress.

  2. 'Tis a busy land you live in. Christa was the most beautiful. Holy spaghetti straps!

    And it was fun to hear you singing!