Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 43: Good Friday

(sorry day 43 is late...let's pretend it's still Friday)

Remember the lattice I want to have on my fence? This is the day it was supposed to happen.
This morning there was a pancake breakfast at church followed by a hike casual stroll through a conservation park.

(wet dog)

After we dropped the whiny kids and wet dog off at home, Nick and I set out for The Home Depot for some lumber and screws.

First we stopped by Value Village to see if there was anything interesting to be had.
Closed for Good Friday. OK, no big deal.
Next stop - Home Depot. Closed. Lowes? Closed. Mom and Pop local lumber store? Closed.

"Well, lets try Walmart" says Nick.
"If it's not open, I'm going to push something over." I say.

Guess what. It was closed. Tim Hortons cups tumbling like tumbleweeds through the empty parking lot.

Nick - "Do you want me to let you out so you can push something over?"
Me - "No, I'll be OK"

Help me out here, Utah friends. Does everything shut down for Good Friday there? I didn't think so, but I'm not sure I'm remembering correctly.


  1. Nope. We were still up and running! Send pictures as soon as you have the fence put together.

  2. I love your Tim Hortons tumbleweed image. :)