Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 64: Mormons on parade

Lydia, Diana, Linda, Marilyn, Kathleen, Gail, Sherree, Jeanette, Myriam, Linda

Today I joined this group of lovely ladies from church for a service project. We donned these very stylish and flattering vests to clean up a section of road.
I was very excited for this project because I thought it would be an opportunity to pick up dozens, maybe hundreds of Tim Hortons cups. People of Canada, you let me down when I needed you most.
I found a total of three Tim Hortons cups. Another lady in my group found two.
I was so dismayed, I didn't even ask the other groups how many they found.
My friend Gail says maybe the coffee drinkers of Ontario read my blog and have been shamed into throwing their cups in trash cans. Maybe...but then what would I take pictures of?

This is the sign in front of my kids' school. 
Tim Hortons Camp?


  1. What a good looking parade o' mormons you are too! Tim Horton's camp might make me a bit jumpy!

    And, btw, your tulips are coming up beautifully. Would you like me to send a photo?

  2. Karen, you trumped me. I was going to ask about the tulips.....Tiff-they are lovely. Missing you!

  3. My tulips look like mutants this year. Tiff, they are right. Yours are gorgeous.

    Keep this Tim Hortons stuff coming. It cracks me up every time.