Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 41: Sunshine

Good golly it's beautiful outside today!
I spent the day out in my little yard raking, pulling weeds and digging grass out of the cracks in the patio.

This is the view from my bedroom upstairs. 
The whole yard is probably only 160 square feet. I'm totally OK with that. 
Much less to take care of and all the dog does is lay around and poop, so it's perfect.
That lattice on the ground is our project this weekend. It's going up on the fence so I can grow vine-y plants on it to make the yard feel more private.
I always think everyone is looking at me when I'm outside...


  1. No sunbathing back there, Tiff. Those Canadians are much more conservative!

    That is my size yard. i think I really am a city girl at heart. I want a really cool, stylin' indoors, and a teeny tiny outdoors.

    Lookin' good.

  2. Hey, send some of that sun down our way, would ya?