Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 63: This blog's for you

You may have noticed that I am not posting much lately, and when I do I'm not writing much. That is partly because I have not felt much like writing, and partly because I have been found out.
This blog has been infiltrated.
By Canadians.
I have people commenting on posts at church, or telling me "I've heard so much about your blog!"
I am hesitant to write about the things I find odd because inevitably someone will tell me that not all Canadians think/say/do those things.
Yes, I know, dear Canadian friends. You may be surprised to hear that not all Utahns are Republicans! It's true!
While I welcome anyone and everyone to read my blog, please know that I am mostly writing to my friends and family in Utah, to show them things that are different here.
It's never been my intent to poke fun (OK, maybe a little) but never in a negative way. Our experience here has been very positive so far.
Every person I have met or even briefly encountered has been extremely friendly, polite and very willing to help. Thank you thank you thank you for your kindness.

(couldn't help myself)


  1. I was at a huge blog meeting tonight where I met lots of the bloggers I follow and/or that follow me. One of the women said her bishop pulled her aside and asked her to stop writing about people in her ward. LOL

  2. Love the cartoon - fabulous
    One of the things that you will find is that a great many of us Canadians are immigrants. Which is probably why your blog is so much enjoyed and appreciated. We are a quirky bunch. I find what you write about to be so funny and so true. Keep writing what you feel and anyone who doesn't know that you are writing for your friends back home, obviously didn't read your blog description. Write on sista!