Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 243: I Smell a...

When Deven came back from visiting Utah over the summer, one of the first things he did was buy a pet rat. Without asking us. Whatever. It's your pet, you feed it and take care of it. And it lives in your room. Yuck.

Well this little guy has grown on me. On all of us, in fact. Even Nick, who usually hates critters of all kinds.
Introducing: The Rat, aka Ratsky von Ratterson, Ratrick J. Rattstien, sometimes called Clark, but mostly he goes by Lil Guy.

I never knew that rats were such social critters. He really is sweet and  has such a cute personality. His cage has been moved upstairs so he can have some social interaction. He spends most evenings running free, merrily prancing from lap to lap while we watch TV. If you make a 'kiss kiss' sound, he'll jump up and give you a kiss :)

We've decided he's the perfect pet. No barking, he doesn't need to be walked or put outside, and when we're done playing with him, we just put him back in his cage. No fuss, no noise.

 Don't you judge me!

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