Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 79: Current Events

Today is Mother's Day, but I am not going to write a sweet sappy post because I actually don't like Mother's Day much. It makes me feel guilty and inadequate when I hear about all the wonderful mothers that I don't quite measure up to.

Instead, I thought I would bring all my American friends and family up on the news in Canada. Yes, there are things happening here, you just never hear about them.

Canadian Veterans Feted By The Dutch
Canadian veterans took part in a parade in the Netherlands on Sunday honouring them for helping to liberate the Dutch from Nazi oppressors during the Second World War.
The Sunday event in Apeldoorn capped a week of ceremonies held in the Netherlands to mark the 65th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. Apeldoorn is about 96 kilometres southeast of Amsterdam.


  1. Cool! How about a weekly current events post???

  2. Change a few names around and you are home again. I guess some news is universal. Remember this time last year??? I am getting wonderlust....