Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 80: Random unrelated things

We have recently gotten corn on the cob at the grocery store and I noticed something interesting.
People just shuck the corn right there in the store, put the naked corn in a bag and leave the outsides there in the corn pile. I of course let my corn have its dignity and strip them at home. I wanted to take a picture of this madness, but I didn't want to further violate the corn's privacy.

Another interesting night some of the young men from church came to get Deven to hang out.
They asked when he needed to be home. I told them the curfew in Utah is 11:00, so that's when we usually tell him to be home.
I asked what time curfew here is, and one of the boys said "I've never really had a curfew, my parents just trust me to be home at a decent time."
"But by law, what time are teenagers supposed to be in?"  I asked.
They looked at me blankly.
"Isn't there a curfew law here?"
"Ummm no."
I was astounded. I told them that in Utah, they could get a ticket and have to go to court and pay a fine if they were out past curfew.
They were just as astounded as me.

Guess what hot vacation destination my neighbors just returned from? Yay! Cuba!

Timmie sighting in the thrift store

This happens outside of Utah?

Ethan took me on a date :) We saw How to train your dragon.
(I am not good at self-portraits)

We've got you covered


  1. Naked kernels all over the place? I thought Canada was supposed to be a decent place to live.

    Your self portrait looks pretty good to me. :)

    What's a loonie? In the context of the sign, I mean...

  2. That photo makes me miss you guys even more. :(

    Glad for the random updates. Cuba sounds warm and beachy...

  3. Ha! Love the naked corn post! So no curfew, huh. Bet Deven loved that.

  4. By the way, this is Tina Y. Just so you are not wondering "who is UTMomof4??"

  5. Grrr...shucking the corn in the store is SUCH a big NO NO - they have signs everywhere, but people do it anyway. It is one of my pet peeves.
    Isn't How To Train Your Dragon a FABULOUS movie? Loved it.

  6. does RULDS means russian lds? :)