Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 90: A bit of a downer, Sorry.

Ninety days. Three months. A quarter of a year.

People still ask "how are you finding things here"? Which I have learned means "how do you like it/how's it going" and does not imply that I have very bad eyesight or terrible sense of direction.
How am I finding it?
It's sad when it's grandparent's day at school.
Or when there is a project that the kids need to bring baby/childhood pictures in. We left all that in Utah.
There is a girl at church who has spent time in Utah and was telling me how much she misses Cafe Rio, Krispy Kreme and Panda Express. I didn't know I missed Panda Express until she reminded me.
I hate the quiet of my house in the middle of the day without even my dog to keep me company.
I miss being able to sit on my front porch and know that I'll see all my neighbors in church on Sunday.
If it struck my fancy, I could round up a group of 10 or so neighbor ladies and go out to eat or to a movie.
I miss Girl Lunch Day with my mom, aunties cousin and grandma. And Football Day.
I'm not able to work or go to school here unless I apply for a work or study permit, and we all know what a nightmare it was to get Nick's permit.
How am I finding it?
Other than those things, it's not so bad, and not all that different from home. We have learned our way around town. Money spends the same here or there. (Although everything seems so expensive here) We eat, go to church, the kids go to school. We order pizza on Fridays. Library at least once a week. I spend several hours a day at the gym; I think more for the social interaction than the workout, although that's not so bad either.
Oh and 90 days in Canada means we are now officially eligible to apply for health care, which is exciting. I am constantly worried that someone is going to break an arm.
I hope it goes well. I was told by a friend here that we may not qualify due to our immigration status, which is "Visitor".


  1. It is tough to leave the familiar, but we are rooting for you! I don't know if it helps or not, but there have been many days when I have sighed and said, "I miss the Stincellis." And the rest of the family agrees with me.

    This will be something that will broaden your children's experiences and out look on life. You are doing a great thing in that alone. Coming for a Summer visit?

  2. I miss you too, Tiff. But I also think Kazz is right. This is a great adventure.

    Don't worry. We'll keep the light on for ya.