Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 96: blah blah cottage blah

Wikipedia: A cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Author: pigdump via

Now that summer has "unofficially" begun, we are hearing more and more about cottages. It seems that with all these beautiful lakes around us, owning or renting a cottage is a key component to summer fun.
When I hear the word cottage, I think of Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood.
In the US, I believe the term we would use is beach house or summer home.
In Utah, people have cabins. You can probably liken a cottage to a houseboat on Lake Powell; sort of a base camp for recreational activities on the lake.
I think to truly appreciate Canadian culture, we definitely need to get in on this.


  1. Get on that! How great to lounge on the waterfront.

  2. Oh yes! Get on that! I'll be up the 2nd week in August with Marsha. ;)

  3. In my parents' neck of the woods (Wisconsin) they call them cottages, but then that's pretty close to Canada so maybe that's not surprising.

    My parents live near a summer resort town. The locals call the vacationers "the cottage crowd". I hope you get to be one of them. :)

  4. Getcha one! Then we will REALLY come visit. :)