Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 91: Date Night

Tonight Nick and I went out for dinner. 
It was a good experience because now we know where not to eat next time we go out. 
It's touristy and cliche, but we thought, what the heck let's try it out.
Of course we ordered poutine for the appetizer. 
(mall food court poutine was infinitely superior)
Here Nick is trying to remember what cheese curd is and how it is made.
Next, Nick ordered fish and chips (12 dollars worth of mediocre) 
I ordered what was called trail mix salad that promised a meal size salad with grilled chicken, thai dressing and dried nuts and fruits. 
Sounds good, eh? You would expect for 12 dollars. 
It was a big bowl of iceburg lettuce and a few pieces of shrivel-y cold chicken. Oh and the nuts and berries.
Iceburg lettuce! I could have gotten a much better salad for half the price at Wendy's.
Nary a piece of spinach, romaine, or even arugula.
12 dollars!
Am I wrong to want arugula?
Here is the moose mocking us because we're suckers.


  1. I have heard rumors about Canadian restaurants ripping you off! Kidding. But sorry you got jipped!

    If you keep eating poutine I am going to insist on a visit to the cardiologist!

  2. I thought the salad would balance it out, Kazzy :)

  3. You totally deserved arugula!