Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 10: Things to remember

We need to try not to giggle when someone says "oat and aboat"
or finishes a sentence with "eh?"
(They really do. Canadians will tell you that's a myth, but it's not)
We need to remember that here they say the letter zed and not zee.
Say grade 6 instead of 6th grade.

kilometers, meters, and we buy gas by the liter. (I mean litre)

The 2 dollar coin is called a toonie, the one dollar coin is a loonie.

A toque is a winter hat.
Milk comes in a plastic bag that you must pour into a pitcher?


  1. I miss Canada! I love everything you just described. It reminds me of my extended family. Have you tried the ketchup chips yet??

  2. Oh my goodness the ketchup chips. We go through a bag a day.

  3. I love the new header on your blog! Cool! I have eaten those ketchup chips. Mmmmm Try the chicken chips sometime too.

  4. I just love your blog. Thanks a million for doing it! I miss you at the movies :)

  5. I have to add, that this was the ONE thing I was going to tell you that first Saturday evening when you and the family arrived. To buy a milk pitcher and to explain that many years ago, someone came up with the "great" idea of bagging the milk. In retrospect I can't imagine how many plastic milk thingys are in the landfill now. One day the environmentalists will shame us back into recyclable plastic jugs. Although if you find a Macs Convenience Store, they have milk in jugs. As for all those Timmies cups littering the wayside - that is Canada's not so secret shame. :-(