Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 21: Garbage Day

 Garbage day is interesting. Everyone just piles their garbage on the curb and the truck comes and picks it up

I'm talking ANY kind of garbage. In addition to your regular garbage, you can put out yard waste like limbs and bags of leaves, or even junk such as furniture and exercise equipment?
I saw a guy last week with a shopping bag going along the sidewalk picking through peoples trash.

"Perfectly acceptable!" one of our neighbors told us.
"In fact,"  he continued,  "since you are still looking for some furniture,
you should just drive around on garbage day
and see what you can find!"

I think I'm going to stick with
the amazingly fabulous thrift stores here in town.

Tim Hortons sighting
My own garden!!

These are the ones we are spotting now...
Tim Hortons Roll the Rim to Win cups.


  1. Wow! That would be so incredibly convenient. So good thrift stores, huh? I love those!

  2. Oh yes, Kaz. I have a whole post planned on the joy of thrift stores.