Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 26: Pity Party!

My children hate when I take pictures
of random things around town. 
"No one cares if you see a Tim Hortons cup."
"PLEASE don't take a picture of that man"
(He really looked like Santa Clause)
"Who cares what stores you go to?"
I'm feeling very discouraged about the content of my blog. 
Maybe it should be deeper? More introspective? 
I kind of liked the light-hearted tourist-y travel blog feel,
but is anyone else feeling it? 
Do you care? 
Just looking for some positive affirmation, I suppose.

Albion Falls 


  1. I will read anything you write, because I know you and I like you. Personally, I like to mix it up. There is no need to pigeon-hole yourself. Do some travelly stuff, then write some things you are feeling or hoping for in your life. This is a place where you can explore whatever you want.

    You are naturally funny, I think, but you don't have to just do that.

    Maybe you could ask for some requests in your comment box. I read blogs that do that sometimes.

    Here's one: please tell us about the way you imagine your life in twenty. years. paint a picture with detail, etc.

  2. I think it's right on the money, but what do I know?

  3. I worked with Karen for a few years and am now living in China. I make it back to Utah every few months and love looking at blogs when I get home as they are blocked in China. I am Canadian and grew up in Kitchener, so when I saw the O Canada blog I knew I had to look it up. It has been so fun to read and see the pictures and be reminded of how different it is in Canada. I just love it. I hope you make a smooth adjustment and really enjoy where you are living. It has taken me 8 months to say that I like it in China.

  4. Having never been to Canada, I'm loving it! It's fun to see the light-weight differences (or similarities). Since when do you take what your teenagers say seriously :)?

  5. I love your blog. I love my country, but we certainly have our little quirks eh. LOL Seeing it through your eyes is so refreshing. It makes me smile and it makes me think. I am so happy that you are in our Ward and I really look forward to getting to know you better. Your blog is helping me do just that.