Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 39: This sucks

Last night we were chatting with the kids about how they feel about our adventure so far.

"Meh." was the consensus

 Deven's assessment of Canada?
 "It's like I wished for the absolute perfect place to live, and I got exactly the opposite."

So we asked them to name one thing that sucks and one good thing.

They all pretty much agreed that the only good thing so far is the library.

Nick and I obviously put our heads together and worked very hard to come up with a scheme to make our children as miserable as possible. 
Excellent. Our plan is working.

I assured them that there will be more adventures when it gets warmer - lakes, rivers, wilderness!

"But why can't we just go home for the summer?"

So the only joy in my poor tortured childrens life right now is the Library.

We visit at least twice a week.


  1. I have learned that I can count on Adam to be the optimistic one around here, but everyone else gives the "meh" answer about everything. This will be a great experience for everyone. Plus, it is so easy to idealize what we don't have, right? It is surely not perfect around here either.

  2. That sign in the library. Love it. There could be worse things...like NO library. Adjustments are hard but they let us (make us) grow. Not that the kids will care about that :)

  3. Marsha, the sign is very necessary. The library is full of young people whose language seems to be built entirely on profanity o_0

  4. The no @?#!! sign is both hilarious and sad. It's easy to forget how good we've got it happy valley. But like Kazzy says, the grass always seems greener...