Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 12: Hmm.

Here is something that baffled us for a bit.
The shopping carts are all chained together. To use the shopping cart, you must insert a quarter(!)
After several trips to the grocery store with Nick and I lugging those little baskets around, we decided to give up a quarter and get a cart.
To our delight we learned that the quarter stays in the slot.
You can't pull it back out, but when you return the cart and chain it back up, the quarter pops out on it's own. Genius!

Another thing that we are having a hard time learning is that you have to pay for your grocery bags. 5 to 10 cents each (depending on the store) for ordinary plastic bags or 99 cents for the really nice reusable bags. Every time we go to the store we forget to bring our bags with us, so we usually end up buying around six bags. Boo.

Tim Hortons cup sighting - Walmart


  1. I see a trend...keep the cup sitings going. :)

  2. There are actually some stores in the states that do that, too, just not in Happy Valley. Like I know Aldi in St. Louis where my mom lives does the quarter for the cart thing...

  3. I think it is a good way to keep shopping carts off the streets. You know what I mean? LOL